Who Qualifies for Medicare In-Home Care?
In order to qualify for home health care there are certain conditions that a prospective patient must meet:

The patient must be homebound qualification. Medicare definition as follows:
  • Leaving the home would require the patient to make “considerable and taxing effort.
  • The patient can leave the home only for infrequent, short absences. Example include medical appointments, short walks, and appointments with the hairdresser, or attendance at religious services.
  • An individual may be temporarily homebound while recovering from surgery, serious illness or trauma.
  • Care must be medically necessary. Home health care is usually provided for conditions that are acute and serious vs. chronic and stable.
  • Care must be provided on a part-time or intermittent basis.
  • Patient must require at least one skilled professional service, such as nursing, physical therapy or speech & language pathology.
  • Care must be provided by a Medicare-Certified home health agency.
  • The patient must have a signed physician’s order for the requested service(s).
  • Services must be delivered in the patient’s home or primary place of residence
 How does the Serenity Plus Home Health   intake/admission process work?
Serenity Plus Home Health works with a variety of referral sources, including hospital discharge planners, physicians, skilled nursing facility social services staff, assisted living facility wellness coordinators, fiduciaries, and of course family members. Whether you are seeking home health care services for a loved one or a healthcare professional making a referral, our goal is to make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Our Intake process is quick and effortless. In most cases your physician will send over an order, history and physical, medication list, and other documents that will assist us in your care.

After obtaining orders from the treating physician, patients are contacted within 24 hours by a care coordinator to schedule the first visit. The purpose of this initial assessment is to complete admission process, gather relevant information, assess patient’s individual needs and determine if they fully meet Medicare home health requirements. This first visit is performed by a Registered Nurse.  A broad range of patient physical/clinical factors will be evaluated during the initial visit, including but not limited to medication review and management, safety, psychological needs, caregiver support and environment. Based on this initial assessment, Serenity Plus clinical care team, together with the patient’s physician–will develop a individualized plan of care. The individualized developed plan of care will be provided to the patient’s primary care physician for approval.