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HomeTown Team
Our HomeTown Healthcare team is compassionate, caring and dedicated to providing the best health care, with a smiling friendly face, and loving spirit.

Our Mission
To create an environment where we set our team members up for success -- empowering them to provide the best in home care service to our patients, their families and the community. Placing an emphasis on our patients, our team members and our community is vital to our success.   Our belief is that these three must come first or we will never be able to achieve our goals. Providing the best care, empowering our employees and become an elite provider in our communities is our commitment.

Chad Wardrup,

Dr. Chad Wardrup, PhD, recently returned to his home town of Mt. Vernon to launch Serenity Plus Home Health, Inc.  Dr. Wardrup began his career in health care at an early age, serving as a Mount Vernon volunteer fire fighter, working at Mission Manner Nursing Home as a Nurse Aide, and completed his EMT certification while in high school.
Dr. Wardrup later moved to Pilot Point, TX to attend North Central Texas College and recieved his LVN license.  Upon graduation, he moved to Dallas and began a career in assisted living administration, and furthered his career obtaining a Master’s degree in Health Care Management / Business Administration and PhD in Health Care Management.   

Dr. Wardrup served as the VP of Operations for a large heath care company, was the Dean of Education for a Medical/Dental College, Chief Operating Officer for Zyga Healthcare, where he oversaw multiple home health agencies, a hospice, senior living communities and a closed door institutional pharmacy.

He is a faculty member of the American Heart Association, an Alzheimer’s and dementia care practitioner, and member of the Medical Reserve Corp.  Dr. Wardrup is compasionate about healthcare and his community with over 24 years of healthcare, nursing, and emergency medical service experience.

Chad was raised in Mount Vernon, TX and has 2 beautiful teenaged girls that also are being raised in Mount Vernon.
CEO / Owner

"Bringing HomeTown Healthcare back to our community "

“The people of East Texas are near and dear to me.  They gave me so many opportunities growing up so I decided to bring Serenity Plus Home Health to our community to offer a home town health care experience.  My staff and I are committed to offering the citizens of East Texas personal and compassionate care"
Donya Barker, BHA
Donya joined Serenity Plus Home Health in May of 2017. 

Donya is a National Certified Readmission Prevention Fellow. “We are proud to become certified and believe it is an honor to bring this expertise to our local community,” said Donya. Making sure patients remain healthy and are safe in their homes is a priority for Serenity Plus Home Health, Inc.  This program positions us to be that resource for our local community Mount Vernon, and surrounding counties.”

Donya received her Bachelor’s in Health Administration from University of Phoenix. She was born and raised in Mt. Vernon. She’s been married to her husband for 24 years and has five children and six grandchildren.

Donya is a member of the Sulphur Bluff Assembly of God, the unofficial “Mayor” of Hagansport, the Secretary and Treasurer of the North Franklin Volunteer Fire Department, and is on the Mt. Vernon ISD School Health Advisory Council.
“I wanted to do something in my home town that would make a difference in people’s lives."

"Serenity Plus is committed to putting the needs of the patient first!"
Looking for a Rewarding Career in
Home Health?

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Serenity Plus Home Health is on a mission to reimagine in-home health care.  Bringing Hometown Healthcare back home.  Putting that personal touch and attention to quality service over quantity.   We value our community and are giving back.
We understand that you have several different options when it comes to your career, and are excited to see that you want to make a difference with us.

We are always looking for high integrity, compassionate, and inspired clinicians and care givers to join us, collaborate, or volunteer.

If this is you, give us a call at 903.270.6292 or email your resume and a letter of interest to