Who Qualifies for Medicare
In-Home Healthcare?

In order to qualify for home health care there are certain conditions that a prospective patient must meet:
  • The patient must be homebound qualification. Medicare definition as follows:  Leaving the home would require the patient to make “considerable and taxing effort."
  • The patient can leave the home only for infrequent, short absences. Example include medical appointments, short walks, and appointments with the hairdresser, or attendance at religious services.
  • An individual may be temporarily homebound while recovering from surgery, serious illness or trauma.
  • Care must be medically necessary. Home health care is usually provided for conditions that are acute and serious vs. chronic and stable.
  • Care must be provided on a part-time or intermittent basis.
  • Patient must require at least one skilled professional service, such as nursing, physical therapy or speech & language pathology.
  • Care must be provided by a Medicare-Certified home health agency.
  • The patient must have a signed physician’s order for the requested service(s).
  • Services must be delivered in the patient’s home or primary place of residence