Our mission is to deliver the highest quality home care in our community and surrounding areas.  Our vision is to be in the top 1% of home health care providers in the nation in terms of quality care, and patient satisfaction.

Serenity Plus Home Health, Inc., Mt. Vernon has successfully completed its certification program and has earned the rare distinction of Certified Readmission Prevention Fellow (CRPF).  Serenity Plus Home Health, Inc., is one of the first healthcare organizations in the state of Texas to receive this prestigious honor, held in high regard by leading acute hospitals who are now being penalized financially if patients are re-admitted unnecessarily to the hospital. 

“This is quite an accomplishment for any healthcare organization, as it requires extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector, as well as a commitment to prioritizing the patient’s needs over financial incentives as directed in the Affordable Care Act,” said Josh Luke, Founder and President of the National Readmission Prevention Collaborative.  Luke, a veteran hospital CEO, went on to say “Health care leaders who make a commitment to become certified are true pioneers in patient centered care, and are leading the way in their local community by educating others on the importance of this issue. Many CRPF teams have seen a growth in relationships and referrals from local hospitals as a result of becoming certified and sharing this valuable knowledge with other healthcare professionals.”

Our Processes

We are patient centric, clinical evidence based, and constant innovators. This ensures you get the best possible care. Our routine quality assurance visits ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. We also perform unscheduled check-ins in a randomized fashion to verify that our clients are receiving the best care possible.​

Truely Personalized Care

 Each care plan is customized as per medical diagnosis, as well as a holistic evaluation.  Our highly-qualified clinical team undergo extensive training to work with individuals needing Neurological care, Coronary artery and Heart disease care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, Pre Chemo, and Post Surgical Care among many other diseases, conditions and illnesses.

Our Availability

At Serenity Plus Home Health, we believe accessibility is important to a program such as ours.  At any time of the day, a real person will be available to assist you with inquires, or emergencies.  We are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

No Maximums of Care

Our care team is focused on you, your availability, medical conditions, and satisfaction. We enforce no maximums for visits because our HomeTown compasion is just that.  Our patients come first.